Welcome To Absorbing Piano Lessons

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’re interested in learning how to play the piano but haven’t found a place that will give you the proper lessons needed in order to achieve that goal. Absorbing Piano Lessons contains tutorials and exercises to build not only your playing ability but it also delivers intellectual content that’s required of a pianist. Some of the content includes:

  • How to read sheet music

  • Exercises to keep your fingers limber

  • Proper posture and hand positions

  • Music Theory


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How Do You Know If This Site Is For You?

Let’s go through the scenarios below to see if Absorbing Piano Lessons is right for you:

  1. Have you had experience playing the piano in the past, stepped away from it and want to re-embrace your passion for playing?
  2. Do you have a child that plays and want to learn how to play to help them?
  3. Are you inexperienced in playing the piano but always wanted to learn?

If you answered YES to any one of these questions, then you’re in the right place! The links below will gear you in the right direction to become a better pianist. All you have to do is make time to learn and practice.


Begin Your Piano Lessons Today!

The following articles will give you the boost you need to learn how to play the piano. Have fun!

Piano Lessons On Reading Sheet Music

The links in this section focus on the beginner level items that a new pupil would need to learn. If you have no experience or it’s been some time since you’ve played the piano, these posts will get you running.


Piano Lessons For Your Fingers

After getting acquainted to your piano keyboard, you’ll want to get your fingers warmed up using these beginning exercises.


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Piano Lessons For Music Theory

Having a solid understanding of how the contents of a music sheet works is fundamental to your growth as a pianist. This section provides information on the theory of playing music.


Piano Lessons on Scales and Chords

Besides learning various finger exercises, you can also practice the major, minor, harmonic, and chords. These exercises will continue to develop the strength in your fingers and help them become more limber.


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