Beginning Piano Lessons – Learning The Treble Clef Staff

After spending time choosing the right piano for your lessons, you’re now in the position to begin learning how to play the piano. Before you can begin to do that, you must first learn how to read the notes within a music sheet.

When you open a music book the first thing you’ll see is the grand staff, a combination of the two staves that play high and low notes. In this article, we’ll walk through the structure of the Treble Clef, the top staff, since it’s the first staff every beginning piano student learns.

What is the Treble Clef?

The Treble Clef, also known as the G Clef because of its shape, represents the middle to high pitch notes that are played on the right side of the piano keyboard and are normally played with your right hand. It sits to the far right on a set of 5 lines that are called a staff. Below is an example of the clef and its staff:


treble clef on a staff measure - absorbing piano lessons

Treble Clef Symbol on its own staff

What Piano Keys Does The Treble Clef Lines Represent?

The lines within the staff represent the keys to be played on the piano and are made up of the following letters (from bottom to top): E G B D F. See how they sit in the picture below:


Treble Clef - Names of Staff Lines

Treble Clef – Names of Staff Lines

When I took piano lessons as a kid, I was taught this mnemonic to help memorize the staff lines:

Every Good Boy Does Fine

These letters are also the name of the keys you’ll hit on your keyboard. Look at where they are positioned in the following image:

Treble Clef Staff Line Keys

Treble Clef Staff Line Keys

The middle C is in reference to the center of your piano keyboard. This is where you want to sit when you practice your piano lessons and play your advance songs.

What Piano Keys Does The Treble Clef Spaces Represent?

Between the lines of the staff are spaces that have the letters F A C E:


Treble Clef with Staff Space Names

Treble Clef with Staff Space Names

Since these keys spell out the word F A C E, it wasn’t hard for me to remember this and was able to recognize it immediately when I looked at the staff. Here are the keys you’ll hit on your keyboard:

Treble Clef Space Keys

Treble Clef Space Keys

How Are Keys Represented Above & Below The Staff Lines?

The notes on a G clef can go a little low and a lot higher and are displayed on its staff using ledger lines. These lines have a smaller length than a regular staff line but still shows the key to be played on a piano keyboard:


Treble Clef Ledger Lines

Treble Clef Ledger Lines


Think you have a grasp of the Treble Clef? Click the following link to download some exercises that will test your skills: Treble Clef Exercises


Your first set of piano lessons will start by learning the treble clef and its notes. It produces middle to high notes and displays them outside of its staff range.

What are some other mnemonics you can think of for the keys above? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.

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